What does the title mean?

I was diagnosed with autism as an adult. Here is where the box idea came from.

As a child, I couldn’t figure out how to connect with anyone. I felt like I was locked inside a glass box. People could see me, but they couldn’t get close, couldn’t hear me speak. Everywhere I went, I looked like everyone else, but I was different. Separate.

I tried forever to get out of this glass box. I tried to punch holes in it so I could breathe. I banged on the side, imploring people to see me, look at me, hear me.

But they just walked past.

Eventually, I was referred to a doctor who diagnosed me with autism. That was the first crack in the box.

Then, I met other autistic people. Another crack.

Then, I started realizing that different was not less.

Finally, I accepted that who I was was worthwhile and that I just connected to people in a different way.

My confinement shattered. I am no longer in a glass box.

Welcome to my autism blog.


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