Sometimes I forget

I know this is mainly an autism blog, but this might be relateable to a wider audience: Do you ever forget that you’re absolutely awesome?

Come on, you know everyone is. Everyone has a battle, everyone has a story, everyone has been cut down or forgotten. And because you’re still here, you’re awesome.

Because I’m still here, I’m awesome.

I struggle with my identity. I struggle with my confidence. I struggle with liking myself. Do you? I thought I was over it. I made a transition and was finally living as me, the true me, without hiding anything. And I was being accepted. And more importantly, I accepted myself. I loved myself. And I loved letting other people get to know me – the real me, no holds barred.

And then something happened that shook me. It took my confidence, it returned me to that victim place that my younger self was all too familiar with.

And for a brief moment I disliked myself again. I shut down.

But the title of this post is “Sometimes I forget”. Sometimes I forget:

I forget that the way some people have treated me does not have to define who I really am.

I forget that I am strong.

I forget how far I’ve come.

Please, anyone out there who has been victimized, which happens all too often to not only autistic people, but the general public as well – don’t forget.

Don’t forget who you were before you were struck down.

Don’t forget that you are shining and beautiful the way you are.

And somewhere, you will find people who see that in you and bring it out.

Sometimes I forget.

But tonight, I remembered.


3 responses to “Sometimes I forget

  1. this is absolutely brilliant. You are a wise man. You are very correction. You are awesome!

  2. Great post! It is easy to forget about our strengths when challenges come up. When you face challenge after challenge, you can tend to forget who you are all together! Great post reminding us all to stop and look around and reassess our strengths and the potential we have.

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